Serving the Fort Wayne Greater Area

Wake Contracting Corporation has experience dealing with anything construction. Some of the most important reasons why clients love us is because we have a documented process to manage jobs, we keep the job sites clean and tidy and furthermore, we’ll do just about anything to make sure you’re happy with our craftsmanship.

Matt Wake, the founder of Wake Contracting Corporation, started as a carpenter right out of high school. He was always a “hands-on” kind of guy and working in a desk job all day, every day was not for him! He had a reputation in his early years (and even now) to be able to fix anything. For over a decade, he became a lead superintendent for a union construction company he worked at. By then he said, “Why couldn’t I do this on my own?”

So it’s about time you WAKE UP to better contracting today!

  • Northeast Indiana
  • Northwest Ohio
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • New Haven, Indiana
  • Auburn, Indiana
  • Huntington, Indiana
  • Warsaw, Indiana
  • Angola, Indiana
  • Lima, OH